About me

That's what I do. I drink, and I know things.

Hi, I’m an IT security enthusiast. I work as a Security Engineer in Berlin, while previously I worked as a penetration tester. I like computers, music, tv series and bikes.


  • October 2018 - Become a Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • July 2017 - Presented filewatcher for MacAdmins Meeting at the University of Utah


  • CVE-2018-20122 - Remote code execution in Fastweb FASTgate router.
  • CVE-2018-17172 - Remote code execution in Xerox Altalink printer.
  • CVE-2018-7064 - Cross-site scripting (XSS) Reflected in Aruba Instant web interface.
  • CVE-2017-17663 - Buffer overflow in thttpd and mini_httpd web server.


  • filewatcher - A simple auditing utility for macOS
  • shcheck - A basic tool to check security headers
  • pihole-dashboard - Minimal and clean dashboard to visualize some stats of Pi-Hole with an E-Ink display